Blended Leading®

Redefining Leadership in the Age of AI

Real-time data-driven mentoring for leaders

Blended Leading is the Future of Leadership Development

In a rapidly evolving world, effective leadership is not just about managing teams, it’s about evolving with them.
Blended Leading® is here to transform leadership development into a personalized, adaptive journey.

Blended Leading® is our answer to leadership challenges. It’s not just a tool but a paradigm shift in leadership development.

Blended Leading® is leaders` everyday mentoring: personalized, effective, and scientifically grounded.

We harness real-time data analytics, personalized leadership growth paths, and AI-driven insights to revolutionize leadership development.


The first and complete environment that compiles appropriate analytics data from all the company`s leadership tools, science-validated competency mapping, and AI-generated actionable advice.

Blended Leading helps leaders understand what is working and what needs improvement.

How it works

Collect individual traits and organizational context

Input data collection is scientifically grounded on Kurt Lewin’s behaviour equation: B = f(P, E).

We collect initial data for personal traits and environmental dynamics.

We integrate company competency model behavior expectations with all your employee leadership data – to establish what is working well and what needs improvement by exploring personality and environment.

How it works

Focus on analyzing it in our engine

Our scientifically validated psychological behavioral model framework maps leaders’ key areas for improvement to the relevant company competency behaviors proven to drive business goals.

How it works

Generate Actionable advice to the leaders

Blended Leading supported by AI nudge library generates specific Actionable Advice based on emphasizing the dynamic interplay between a leader’s personal traits, behavior, and the environment.

Empowering Leaders, Transforming Organizations

Enhanced leadership alignment and execution, driving improved business performance

We evaluate the impact of previous personalized learning nudges and adapt our approach based on the most relevant improvement areas for each leader at present, ensuring dynamic and effective growth support.

Join the Leadership Evolution

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Our Journey of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 2012, Lean Digital Solutions & LS-S Leadership Support is at the forefront of leadership enhancement.

The company is part of a German consortium with over 30 years of international experience in innovative development of leaders, teams, and businesses.

We offer digital business solutions for HR management, team leadership, organizational development and corporate culture.

Awarded the EIC Seal of Excellence in 2022 for our groundbreaking approach.

Secured a 2.3M euro grant in 2023 from the EU via the Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation, recognizing our potential to transform leadership development.

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Project Title:

No BG-RRP-2.006-0013-C01 "Embedded Blended Leadership Environment"

Total amount:

BGN 6 626 141.80, of which BGN 4 638 299.26 grant funding.


Start date: 12.09.2023

End date: 12.09.2025