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WHAT IS BlendedLeading®

2020 transformed the way leaders, teams and individuals function and collaborate.
The need for distant leadership skills and the remote work are growing tremendously.

BlendedLeading® offers a new leadership environment

The goal: Improved distant leadership and team engagement during disperse workforce conditions.

How? BlendedLeading® offers a complete process for HR professionals and leaders: a combination of Leadership training modules and an IT ecosystem.


IT Ecosystem

The IT ecosystem functions entirely in the background for its users, working with your current communication platforms like: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, etc. Through users’ familiar interfaces, it offers tools that collect feedback from different team members and generate reports for the leaders on various topics: corporate values, employees’ wellbeing and remote work, talent management.

Leadership Training Modules

Training and consulting that combines modules covering all leadership topics, related to remote team management and engagement. The new conditions after 2020 require an extra soft skill set for the leaders: empathy, emotional intelligence, improved communication and many others. BlendedLeading®includes ready-made or custom leadership development trainings, emphasizing on the current skill demands such as: distant and digital leadership, team management during crisis, employee engagement, etc.

Sample process

Client need: assessing the top contributors in the company based on leaders

Creating assessment requests through Microsoft Teams

Data goes back to the leadership tool for final analysis

Leaders receive reports in the Microsoft Teams interface

Trending training topics

„Distant leadership: maintaining the overall focus and team spirit during remote work”
„Maintaining the motivation and engagement of employees and teams during remote work”
…and many others, depending on the company’s specific situation


You choose what to blend in your BlendedLeading®, based on your leadership needs in different organisation levels.

IT Ecosystem only

Integrate a tool within your current team communication platform

Training Modules only

Choose a training topic with the most appropriate modules for your specific situation

Blend it all together

Get the tools, train your leaders for the new leadership demands and learn how to analyze and apply the lessons from the reports

Register now and discover the new single solution for leadership challenges. Why?

No need to learn a new tool or system

The first unified concept on the market

You get to choose what to include and whether to customize it

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Founded in 2012, Lean Digital Solutions works in the field of human resources development
(HRD) and organisational development (OD). Since 2015, it is part of Lead1ng AG, a German
holding of companies specialized in leadership consulting and training, which operates in
Austria, Germany, Ireland and Bulgaria.

Under the brand of
LS-S Leadership Support, the company is
developing a number of independent HR tools. LS-S works with a diverse portfolio of
feedback systems and indicators. They analyze soft skills or processes and phenomena that
are difficult to be presented graphically. The LS-S team also develops applications and
software that can be integrated into every organization’s IT structure.

Project partners

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